Sunday, June 28, 2009

I finally felt the need to update my blog....i shd say that again i narrate a tale of what happend in these six month.........i wud say that the sixth sem may be the turning point of my life till nw.let me divide this into they go
1.Survey camp
3.Sound of silence
6.Mental imbalance
9.Curtains down

Survey camp:
To start of with was the most awaited thing of my entire class. i should say we didnt get our iv because of that Nirmal female, so the guys and gals were extremely eager that we get this one rite.... Fiasco no1: if u guys remeber our old HOD chandrasekar was a nut case fearing that another hurricane nisha was going to hit tamil nadu,he decided on having the camp postponed by a few days. Fiasco no 2 : Pollachi was the place decided for the camp bt fearing that a land slide would hit he decided to shift the place to the temple town of thirvunamalai Fiasco no 3 : Lateral entries were in charge of the camp. it so happens that lateral entries form a seperate entity to the regular because sme of them are older to us by 5 years. so generally there is an ego clash. Fiasco no 4: Camping in the hills was fun bt we never did any of the survey just sat and whiled away time on the tree top which pissed Mr Arivalagan Fiasco no 5:Girls vs Mr Arivalagan
If u guys saw chak de india then u wud appreciate whatmy girls did in the camp. Mr Arivalaganhad imposed aban of 10 pm fr the grls to sleep. some of the grls found this stupid "Y SHOULD BOYS HAVE ALL THE FUN" SO THE REVOLT BEGAN Fiasco no 6:grls decided after 3 days that they had enough so they decided it was the time to draw they attacked arivalagan head on with the shouting match which was the highlight of the entire camp..this shouting match was nt the end bt the thing i can tell u wen women gt together even god cnt stop them....seeing them in action was like hearing the famous quote I CAN DANCE LIKE BUTTERFLY AND STING LIKE THE BEE by MUHAMED ALI it was like the grls were surrounding him and stinging like a bee... Fiasco 7: Treaty Of Thirvunamali brokering peace never easy with ladies i realised that they are like wouded lions who will do anything to kill the beast hw ever big he is.... bt the boys brokerd the peace deal cleverly with a lot of talking. Fiasco 8:dindukal sarathy totally crap tamil movie i watched in years....again the total fiasco Though the survey camp had been a complete fiasco shw it helped me do a lot of introspection.....i had a lot of vetti time at hand so it went to alot of thinking and soul searching to do and the learning of which we will see in the paragraphs to come...
As we landed back we had loads of drawing to do.....actually it was the time the bazooka( chart holder) AK47(drafter) and most importantly ammo(pencil) met paper.....i began to toil deep into the night with drawing being scenes of genocide...sme where like they were meant to kill u if u shd the slighest element of fear. every drawing finished was like an accomplishment whose completion meant that we had won the world to tell u the truth i enjoyed every moment battling them fr they were so much fun

Sound of Silence:
The camp had given me so much of ime to recover frm the losses emotionally that i did a lot of soul searching sitting on the mountain i wud think fr wat were things which went wrong in last sem...i came out with a set of parameters
1.In any relationship never rush takes time even if u speak every single day to that person
2.Reciprocation is amust....both have to shw sign of reciprocation
3.Never blame situations jus make them better.
4.Most important of them all never loose confidnece that u cannot get another one if this one goes
5.Never give up on principles

6.Habits can be changed bt nt the person.

My thoughts on love are very simple a drug before u have jus like an addiction can get u hooked on...better than cocaine opium..serious high any loss of it can make u go mad no rehab centre can set u rite bt urself bt after marraige it turns into medicine good or bad depends upon the composition of the loved one
As usual without a post on this the blog is incomplete bt let me tell u there was nt much listning to music this sem because of all the soul searching.... dne and the drawings dne so i dnt want to bore u with jimi hendrix and gang

Mental Imbalance:
After the dramatic escape of our old adorable HOD who ran away frm the college without even shwing his face... we had mental imbalance. it is said that hod told the college that he wanted to do his phd so he needed his certificates.... so the college gave him the certificates ..... after this our hod had applied to mnm jain college with the certificate nw that bounty had come into his hand.... he sent his resignation through post. this was the best escape frm the alcatraz. this was the second highlight of the entire sixth sem the mokkai man had escaped frm the rhines of the civil fortress u guys must be wondering y mental imbalance... if u guys have seen our new hod....u will find that he has graduated frm the temple of the highest learning IIT bt behaves like a pscopath whose biggest passion will be the sp 16 ( acode book) which he considers as the holy grail.... habits of muttering to himself about codes giving superb examples jumping out on the board wen any staff takes a seminar or a demo class. extreme memory power wen he asked an it student do u want the code book... when he asks a 2nd year student that the design projects have been submited or nt last bt nt the least wen he sees students cutting his classes playing cricket and laughs saying this cricket team.....

The drawing practicals for any civil batch is the toughest in the entire civil engineering history 30 design to mug up with differnt values.. work was just cut out like it had been wen i frst enterd this college.... bt i and practicals have a great relationship guess wat i had decent practicals with survey practical being the highlight where i questioned the external on certain aspects jus a diversionary tactic so he doesnt question me much lol :)
Exams were dominated by RCC and STEELS... long holidays meant a little ease in preps bt it wasnt to be fr we had to self teach ourselves the two most important papers of the entire civil engineering. as usual i sign off by saying that traditional line i dnt hw the evaluator is going to evaluate dnt whether he likes my handwriting my content my number........ hope i jus score decently

Curtains down:
i feel like this sem has given me so much time to introspect that i have found fresh lease of life with an experience which i may nt trade fr anything in the world.


gitanjali.j said...

waytogggooo dude!! :D

shameem said...

lol @ d diversionary tactics used durin practicals...tats sure somethin dude;)

irfaan merchant said...

@gitanjali thanx yaar

@shameem yeah those are a part of manipulating him to ask wat u knw