Saturday, November 29, 2008

The most eventfull sem of my life has come to an end.... i shd say that these few months have been the most painful and the most joyful. Goodness gracious me i was asking god wen will this sem come to an end bt finally it has come to an end.To enlighten to all my reader wat happend this sem i shall divide my life to many parts . here goes
3.extra curriculular activities
5.other activities
Music; As many of u knw that i am an avid music fan. there are many who will knw that i am huge JIMI HENDRIX fan.Recently i stepped over one of his great albums AXIS AS BOLD AS LOVE truly a master works.Its quite unlike hendrix who plays the guitar pretty loud takes u out on that high. this album was much more mellow with great songs like BOLD AS LOVE, LITTLE WING and WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW . people who havnt heard hendrix please pick up this album worth all ur money. These few days i have strayed away frm my traditional Hendrix marathon. i have ventured into other artists like John Mayer and BB king. john mayer a true genious, extremely great cover artist. He did a cover of bold as love man jus two words "Damn Gud". BB king is a true blues artist please if u guys want to check this guy out pls see my videos the song "THRILL IS GONE " another very interesting thing which happend to me in my music life is that one of my gud frnds who at one point of time teased that i listen to old dead rock legends was turning rock fan. the wotha b.... was turning a rock fan and talking all abt rock. i laugh at him these days thinking wat time can do to a person.... bt guys i am a TRUE ROCK FAN...

College: MSEC aka KMC (kodambakkam mental hospital)for those who knw this place. u can skip this as it may be the same sound off u may have. For those who dnt knw this place listen in.This place is were u will find " MAD HATERS,IMBESILES,PYSCOPATHS and TERMINALLY ILL PEOPLE". I think u gt the picture pretty much bt the place has taught me a thing or two. Let me enlighten u on a few things in our college This sem coll has gt its new NSG commandos they are there are for catching all the late comers lead by the notorious PT(perveted teacher) who is in charge of catching the beautiful grls who are late..i think BABAI has done herself proud by this mechanism no student can leave the block with out a notice frm the hod or the staff . i think the indian goverment shd learn frm the principles set down by babai for catching terrorist. i think she can device a good plan fr them.. second thing this year which was damn irrritating was the change of the parking lot man to park in sticky clay godforsaken. i shd say we students are conducting a LEVELLING operation on undulating ground.

Extra curiccular activities; This time my batch was given the responsibilty of doing the one day workshop. It was the frst time i saw my class come together though we are divided bunch like very much the BJP and the CONGRESS . The symp had towering amounts of work so the importance was selection of good people fr good work. i was so suprised ACES in all the field were chose rite frm organising to completing . I shd say i was given the job of handling the most difficuilt of the lot "the souvenir". tell u wat getting a letter desk frm the princi or the correspondent is harder than inventing the telephone.Let me tell u i havent had a tougher time getting those coffed out of the princi`s mouth.My pal i and were working day in and day out even on midsems. Finally one fine day we gt the final copy in colour and showed to the HOD he made a zillion corrections. Ten finally we meet the press man and decided to give it to the press on the eve of giving it to the press man HOD wanted to have a final look at it. again the guy found a hundred mistakes. At 5.30 i left coll to break my fast leaving my pall to do the drafting work.iwe had to meet the press man at 8 . my pal had to catch a train to erode at 9.30 it was like airtght. i came back to college fast as i cud jus drinking a juice eating two morsel of the biryani on the very frst IFTIKAR of ramadan.At7.30 hod finally resented giving usthe final go.we decidedto head to the press wen terror struck . press man had asked the copy in cd we had it in the pendrive. nw we rushed to my frnds house did the formatting time was 7.45. nw came the best driving i have dne in years kdbakkam to chintadripet (we reached by 8.07) after giving the specification we left by 8.30. bt the most vital thing we did was that we asked to keep a sample before going a ahead fr the final print. nw again i transported my frn in recordtime to the station.(ofcourse fr all my rash driving i did gt a huge amnt of foul language part of the job)finally we rested thinking the job is done bt i had a feeling that we still have to keep vigil in printing and cutting . so on the fateful day on which he promised us the sample copy we went to get it utter shock struck us he had dne the printing back to back ..... hod screamed his lungs of us . we decided to change it bt he said he had already sent it fr the print i gt preety pissed all the hardwork gne in waste.Ten after an hour ofnegotiating like we were dealing with N deal HOd agreeded (he had no option). ten gloom was turnd to happiness press man made the changes and gave us the thing we wanted one sided souvenir immediately as we left HOD`s office after such a hard talk. so on sunday before the day of symposium we collected the souvenir frEDAFOS08 jus oneword guys " awesome" i was licking my boots on a high

Bikes;Recently i have found a liking fr the "yezdi". man a i shd say a real mans bike that babe is a beauty waiting fr my frst pay check its going to be on a yezdi . the bike is a wonder riding unlike the orchestrating ENFIELD or the young fast and juvenileRX 100, the sound of the yezdi is differnt distinct i shd say a combination of the two. its gentalmenish plush a bike asking fr that mischief.Riding on an open road with the wind in ur hair and the moisture in ur ear awesome ........

Other activities:for all those reader who have read my blog frm time immeorable will be wondering wat happend to the infactious irfaan shd say its died a bit. i thinking its better being single never to mingle and fr all those who are in the same situation a worthy advice
Just a castaway, an island lost at sea,
ohAnother lonely day, with no one here but me,
ohMore loneliness than any man could bear
Rescue me before I fall into despair,
ohI'll send an S.O.S. to the worldI'll send an S.O.S. to the world
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets myMessage in a bottle,
yeahMessage in a bottle, yeah
A year has passed since I wrote my note
But I should have known this right from the start
Only hope can keep me together
Love can mend your life butLove can break your heart
Walked out this morning, don't believe what I saw
Hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore
Seems I'm not alone at being aloneHundred billion castaways, looking for a home
bt i have decided to the bury the past and get on with life.. as the song say hope can keep me alive

Exams;this time u see i was the most underprepared fr my exams becoz of all the emotional trauma i had experienced in the begining of the sem . i shd say thati had hardly prepard for anything . the 20 days which i gt was i think okay. fr i did all exams okay except foundation which was purely fact in fiction.... i am signing with my traditional line who knws whether the examiner is going to juge by my handriting or my number or my content
i thinks this sums it all up 5th sem curtains down

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Tdy i sit with a number of problems looming in my head bt i knw the answer its jus time. It will answer all my queries time has an usual way of working it heals wounds. It reverses fortunes tdy i sit on my comp waiting for that to happen sometimes they say patience is a virtue. Tdy i hav to show that ultimate patience because wen ur true and things are going wrong then u have to wait it out u have to wait it out and wen betrayals take place u have to wait even more tdy i lay caged in chateau d`f like edmont dante and wait for ali teblian pasha of janina hope its nt wait of a long time my heart burns bt time will extinguish it hope i find the right answers fr my questions and more than anything i hope all my hunches turn out to be true with god almighty i sit in prayer (my post sound a bit spirtual these days bt its divine intervention i seek)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


For past three days i hav been having a bad time wid one of my friends(let say she is girl). Man i can never understand women and their habits they alwez tend to be so enigmatic when they make a mistake and ask for forgiveness. Men generally willingly forgive them bt as men make a mistake wid them they tend to never forgive them u ask a women for forgiveness even if u travel to the himalayas and back they may never forgive u.Thats the enigma that they have and they say women are weaker sex wen they can destroy kingdoms and people various examples of them cleopatra, marie antonniete... ............etc i wonder i suffer wid remorse fr days to come nt fr the mistake i made bt fr the mistake adam made in asking fr eve frm god(bt we are born frm them see the perversity) i may sound like a chauvnist bt i respect women highly.
Nw comes the lost identity days i sit down infront of many frnds and relatives of my family some are shias some sunis and sme ismailis(they are special sect otherwise called khojas) .My father is basically a sunni muslim thats wat he call himself bt was a shia frst my mom is a khoja ( i do admire her belief) i wonder where am i ???? am i khoja or shia or sunni becoz to tell u the truth many of the shia practises are followed in my house i wonder which path will i chose in d end
The ring festival nw u may wonder wat it is fr the past 3 days i was telling u that i hav been mentally tormented wid the human relation problem. so were can u take refuge only god has open hand to listen to u i believe he is such a pateint listener anewez leaving that aside let me tell u fr the past 3 days i hav been on some type of holy work i vist the big mosques asking fr forgiveness of my sins and smetimes asking god to tell me the difference between infactuation and love and tdy my mom decided to hav wat i refer to the ring festival the concept is so simple that there are 2 bowls of kher in which rings are put. A prayer and a story is readand every one has the kher and person who gets the ring is a lucky person redming myself this evening i was suddenly to see a host of relatives flock in wid their toddlers the house had become into a theatre fr a min all my remorse had gone watching them i saw the joy in life comes frm life itself and to look fr happy moment to make ur spirits come up hope i recover frm this breakdown fast GOD SAVE ME

Friday, June 27, 2008


Nw as a child i came into this world wid the soul intention of learning more bt life has other things and god has even more instore fr me. I hav alwezs been enchanted by women frm my child birth.I alwez wonderd that hw did these creatures get very high marks in all subjects and alwez thought that the one wid beauty and brain was the ultimate combination bt hw wrong, I was nw as young guy and wid two highly educated parents I had the likes of elvis`s music,floyds revolution hendrixs guitar, talks on bjorg and many different things wid bets set between my mom and dad who will win the wimbeldon nw such intellectually stimulated conversation made me a highly isolated to many guys in my class who i considerd as dumbos bt hw wrong again and i thought grls in my class were intellectually stimulating bt hw wrong again. Nw my life took an unusual turn when a high scoring students like me starting underperforming. Nw came the climax of life i became an outcast in my gang of intellects i was officially turned down by all of them then i went to people who i call dumbos, They helped me alot. I rejoiced everymoment wid them found them to be highly talented in their own right. I became immune to the indiffernce shown to me by teachers and my so called frnds. I learnt that knwledge didnt come frm marks u score.It came frm the spirit to learn i decided after my 10th that the time had come to learn wid the heart nt wid d brain learn subjects like art like wordsworths poems churchills quotes then slowly things turned in my favour, i started getting my basics right my dumbos helped me too knwing that i was a teen hit by puberty blues nw working hard is my mantra u prespire u burn wen u see pain then u see gain. I came back strongly like ganguly wid a new style. I learnt a new way of analysing people one taught by brahmin frnd never trust anyone. I worked hard god was very civil wid me he gave me course wich people thought was wat the worst get bt hw tables turn civil rite nw is the best and others are the worst nw dats destiny. Nw comes another climax they tell me ur one lucky guy in a coll surrounded by women and more women hw wrong again. Women are dangerous creatures especially ones who are beautiful ones learn that life never gives u a second chance bt women dnt give u even a single chance. They hav swarm of guys around them i say the beautiful grls nw they like getting surrounded by hunks and good luking guys bt these guys hav more brawn than brain frm all my past relation i hav learnt men cannot live with them bt they cannt live without them. I remember my father saying even if i live fr a 100 years i wont knw wat goes on in ur moms head bt i say even if i live fr 100 years i cannt understand these creatures sme are dangerous as poison, sme are naomi campells in their own rite, sme are intellectually stimulating(only seen 2 till nw) so life becomes complex wid them they hav more accesories than men they tend to mature faster than men they are fast great at mugging bt they still dnt rule the world fr they dnt hav wat i say mans predictability. A man is predictible thats y he rules the world man will rule over this world fr mre than a hundred years bt wont understand the women.