Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Tdy i sit with a number of problems looming in my head bt i knw the answer its jus time. It will answer all my queries time has an usual way of working it heals wounds. It reverses fortunes tdy i sit on my comp waiting for that to happen sometimes they say patience is a virtue. Tdy i hav to show that ultimate patience because wen ur true and things are going wrong then u have to wait it out u have to wait it out and wen betrayals take place u have to wait even more tdy i lay caged in chateau d`f like edmont dante and wait for ali teblian pasha of janina hope its nt wait of a long time my heart burns bt time will extinguish it hope i find the right answers fr my questions and more than anything i hope all my hunches turn out to be true with god almighty i sit in prayer (my post sound a bit spirtual these days bt its divine intervention i seek)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


For past three days i hav been having a bad time wid one of my friends(let say she is girl). Man i can never understand women and their habits they alwez tend to be so enigmatic when they make a mistake and ask for forgiveness. Men generally willingly forgive them bt as men make a mistake wid them they tend to never forgive them u ask a women for forgiveness even if u travel to the himalayas and back they may never forgive u.Thats the enigma that they have and they say women are weaker sex wen they can destroy kingdoms and people various examples of them cleopatra, marie antonniete... ............etc i wonder i suffer wid remorse fr days to come nt fr the mistake i made bt fr the mistake adam made in asking fr eve frm god(bt we are born frm them see the perversity) i may sound like a chauvnist bt i respect women highly.
Nw comes the lost identity days i sit down infront of many frnds and relatives of my family some are shias some sunis and sme ismailis(they are special sect otherwise called khojas) .My father is basically a sunni muslim thats wat he call himself bt was a shia frst my mom is a khoja ( i do admire her belief) i wonder where am i ???? am i khoja or shia or sunni becoz to tell u the truth many of the shia practises are followed in my house i wonder which path will i chose in d end
The ring festival nw u may wonder wat it is fr the past 3 days i was telling u that i hav been mentally tormented wid the human relation problem. so were can u take refuge only god has open hand to listen to u i believe he is such a pateint listener anewez leaving that aside let me tell u fr the past 3 days i hav been on some type of holy work i vist the big mosques asking fr forgiveness of my sins and smetimes asking god to tell me the difference between infactuation and love and tdy my mom decided to hav wat i refer to the ring festival the concept is so simple that there are 2 bowls of kher in which rings are put. A prayer and a story is readand every one has the kher and person who gets the ring is a lucky person redming myself this evening i was suddenly to see a host of relatives flock in wid their toddlers the house had become into a theatre fr a min all my remorse had gone watching them i saw the joy in life comes frm life itself and to look fr happy moment to make ur spirits come up hope i recover frm this breakdown fast GOD SAVE ME