Friday, June 27, 2008


Nw as a child i came into this world wid the soul intention of learning more bt life has other things and god has even more instore fr me. I hav alwezs been enchanted by women frm my child birth.I alwez wonderd that hw did these creatures get very high marks in all subjects and alwez thought that the one wid beauty and brain was the ultimate combination bt hw wrong, I was nw as young guy and wid two highly educated parents I had the likes of elvis`s music,floyds revolution hendrixs guitar, talks on bjorg and many different things wid bets set between my mom and dad who will win the wimbeldon nw such intellectually stimulated conversation made me a highly isolated to many guys in my class who i considerd as dumbos bt hw wrong again and i thought grls in my class were intellectually stimulating bt hw wrong again. Nw my life took an unusual turn when a high scoring students like me starting underperforming. Nw came the climax of life i became an outcast in my gang of intellects i was officially turned down by all of them then i went to people who i call dumbos, They helped me alot. I rejoiced everymoment wid them found them to be highly talented in their own right. I became immune to the indiffernce shown to me by teachers and my so called frnds. I learnt that knwledge didnt come frm marks u score.It came frm the spirit to learn i decided after my 10th that the time had come to learn wid the heart nt wid d brain learn subjects like art like wordsworths poems churchills quotes then slowly things turned in my favour, i started getting my basics right my dumbos helped me too knwing that i was a teen hit by puberty blues nw working hard is my mantra u prespire u burn wen u see pain then u see gain. I came back strongly like ganguly wid a new style. I learnt a new way of analysing people one taught by brahmin frnd never trust anyone. I worked hard god was very civil wid me he gave me course wich people thought was wat the worst get bt hw tables turn civil rite nw is the best and others are the worst nw dats destiny. Nw comes another climax they tell me ur one lucky guy in a coll surrounded by women and more women hw wrong again. Women are dangerous creatures especially ones who are beautiful ones learn that life never gives u a second chance bt women dnt give u even a single chance. They hav swarm of guys around them i say the beautiful grls nw they like getting surrounded by hunks and good luking guys bt these guys hav more brawn than brain frm all my past relation i hav learnt men cannot live with them bt they cannt live without them. I remember my father saying even if i live fr a 100 years i wont knw wat goes on in ur moms head bt i say even if i live fr 100 years i cannt understand these creatures sme are dangerous as poison, sme are naomi campells in their own rite, sme are intellectually stimulating(only seen 2 till nw) so life becomes complex wid them they hav more accesories than men they tend to mature faster than men they are fast great at mugging bt they still dnt rule the world fr they dnt hav wat i say mans predictability. A man is predictible thats y he rules the world man will rule over this world fr mre than a hundred years bt wont understand the women.


shameem said...

one incessant punctuations,abbreviation to d extent of leadin to mis-perception n so many typos..
but being ur first post..good job dude!!..enter d blog-arena:)

gitanjali.j said...

hey what's this yaar..i'm sorry but it so seems like you ve always met the wrong types of females all your life!!dont jump to conclusions dude :) the world is full of nice people..we just got to go and find them :)